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Charming living, close to your destinations
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Are you planning a visit to Tromsø and looking for accommodation with a private atmosphere?

Our apartments are designed in scandinavian style, are well equipped and will cover all needs for the independent traveller. This is a great point from where to explore the Tromsø city and Tromsø district.

We are situated just a 3- minute walk from the Arctic cathedral, a famous landmark in Tromsø. Take a nice stroll over the bridge to reach the city centre, or in the other direction to ride the cable car ”Fjellheisen” up to the Fløya mountain, go on a mountain hike or do some cross country skiing in winter.

Enjoy your stay in one of Europes most spectacular coastal landscapes.

Who are TromsoCityApartment? A German- Norwegian family with two young boys.

André origins from Germany. He is an architeckt by profession and has become a passionate mountain runner and skier after he moved to Tromsø.

Kristine origins from the island Senja, just south of Tromsø.

We look forward to welcome you in Tromsø!



Our two newly built apartments are situated in a separate building right next to the main house on our compound. The identical apartments offer a living room with integrated kitchen, well equipped for cooking with stove and oven, utensils, plates and cutlery.

Sleeping facilities in one bedroom with a double bed, which can be separated into 2 single beds on your request (2 persons) and a comfortable couch sofa in the living room (1-2 persons). There is a bathroom with shower. From the interior, the rooms open up with a view of the garden, the surrounding mountains and the Arctic cathedral.

Heated floor with stone tiles, textiles in wool and linen as well as wood panels, create a cosy and relaxing atmospere.

We hope you will enjoy your stay.

living room, second floor
beth room, second floor
kitchen, second floor
living room, first floor
impression, living room
beth room, first floor
summer view of the new appartment building




Winter Activities

The time of white silence.

During the winter months, you can explore the Tromsø region with its mountains and fjords. There are several possibilities for the independent explorer, or book an adventure with one of the local tour operators. Husky ride, whale watching, experience the Aurora borealis, snowshoeing, cross country- or randoneeskiing.  There is something for every budget and interest.

Summer Activities

Experience the summer nights in northern Norway, when the sun never sets! Enjoy the midnight sun and the fabulous view from Tromsø from the nearby ”Fløya” cable car.  Summer is a great time to go on day trips in the Tromsø region, to the white coral beaches of Sommarøy, or on a mountain hike. The Lyngen alps  can be reached within a few hours. Or maybe you are travelling til Tromsø to participate in one of summer sports events, like the Midnight sun marathon or Tromsø skyrace?

Dont forget a visit to the expanding arctic-alpine botanical garden with a stunning collection of alpine plants.

Wale watching

Don`t miss the opportunity to experience the seasonal attraction of whale watching in Winter. During the past years, hords of killer- and bucklewale have come into the nearby fjords, hunting for the herring.  Watch them from land or go on a whale watching tour with one of the local tour operators.

Northern Lights

On clear dark nights, you can experience the magic of the Aurora right off the apartments doorstep, on a tour in the surroundings on your own, or with a local guide. A great spot from where to catch a glimpse of the Aurora is on top of the ”Fløya” cable car, just a 10 minute walk from where we are situated.

Cultural Sites

Tromsø is the cultural capital of northern Norway, and a variety of cultural activities draws artists and visitors from Norway and abroad throughout the year. It all starts with TIFF – Tromsø Internation Film Festival in January, and shortly after that the Northern lights music festival takes place. Further festivals are Bukta festival in Juli, Riddu Riddu (indigenous peoples festival) in July, Tromsø jazz festival in August, Rakettnatt end of August,  and for those into electronica, the Insomina festival may be of interest.

Tromsø has 2 cinemas, several pubs and restaurants, a local jazz club with regular venues, a modern library open to the public every day and a symphonic orchestra. In addition to several museums like the Polar museum and the Polaria, a visit to the wooden church in the city centre and to the arctic cathedral is a suggested activity during your stay.

Fine Dining

Try the local food specialities in one of the many restaurants in town, with seasonal fish, meat and vegetables. During the cod season in the winter months December to March, you can be served ”mølje” (cod with liver and roe) or delicious fillet of cod.

Also try other seasonal specialities, like salmon (cooked or smokes), rendeer, elk, and lamb from the Lyngen alps.



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